Specializing in Continuously Variable Transmissions

Transmissions have always been arguably the most difficult vehicle component to service. A quality transmission service provider will stay abreast of all the industry’s technological advances. CVT Transmissions are slowly becoming a standard by which manufacturers are designing vehicle’s automatic transmissions. There may be some resistance to this change, but there is a recognized benefit in the CVTs (Continuously Variable Transmissions). If you notice some performance issues with your CVT transmission, you should bring it to the transmission experts. Some mechanics may be left behind as the transmission technology continues to change, our experts can handle any transmission service need. Whether it’s an automatic, manual, or a CVT transmission, we can provide any maintenance, repairs, or rebuild services. A Team Transmissions in Columbus, OH is committed to stay abreast of all CVT services, and can be trusted to perform any CVT transmission rebuild.

Specializing in the Latest Automatic Transmission Technologies

CVT Transmissions use a unique pulley system with cones at each pulley connected to a chain belt. Just as some mechanics are learning how to service your transmission, the auto industry is designed new automatic transmission systems. We understand the newest models and automatic transmission that are being included in newer vehicles. Servicing your CVT requires next level training and expertise. The performance of your CVT creates a smooth, unnoticeable transition between gears. Owners should find a transmission expert that understands the unique service for a CVT. If your vehicle requires a CVT transmission rebuild, then you need an expert that you’re sure can handle it. A Team Transmissions stays highly trained to perform all CTV transmission rebuild services, and all CTV transmission work.

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Enhance your driving experience by maintaining your CVT transmissions optimal performance. Our specialists stay well-educated by attending seminars and expos. Get the best CTV transmission rebuild services in this area at A Team Transmissions. You can schedule your appointment today by calling 614.848.8484!

The Good News!

Typically, shops are not rebuilding these cvt’s, and are simply replacing with used units. The units that are sourced all have the same inherent issues as the units being removed. We have been authorized by manufacturer of cvt to rebuild these units. In most cases, we can rebuild the unit’s for a lot less than a replacement!