Driving Habits with a Negative Impact on Transmission

Not only are there steps to take to protect your vehicle’s transmission, but there are a few things to avoid that will harm your transmission. When your car gets stuck in the snow during the winter, getting out can be a hassle and how you do that can hurt the transmission. If you find yourself stuck, get help and have your car pushed out; do not spin the wheels or rock it back and forth if you can avoid it.

It’s recommended to always let your transmission warm up before driving, however, do not let it idle for too long. Since fluid tends to get thick when cold, it has a hard time lubricating properly and when the car is idling, the fluid is also not sent to the internal parts to grease them, which may ultimately contribute to ruining your transmission. Last, rust from water can be serious and typically causes failure or required repairs to your transmission that are expensive, so do your best to keep water out by steering clear of icy puddles on the road.

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