What Does the Cold Do to Transmissions

Your car’s transmission can show you several signs of trouble when the weather is exceptionally cold.

Most of the time, the problems that are being presented to you will be very noticeable. In many cases, the transmission fluid will get thicker from the low temperature, which makes it harder to shift. Another reason your car may shift harder is because the shift points become delayed when it’s cold out.

Winter can also make the transmission fluid leak.

If parts get too cold and they begin to contract, damaging them quicker if they are loose. The overly thick fluid lessens how well it can lubricate interior parts, so those parts will also become damaged as a result. One serious issue is contributed to water in the transmission system-cold water will cause internal harm to parts causing them to fail. If you are concerned about transmission fluid leaks schedule an appointment with your Ateam right away – don’t wait until more damage is done to your transmission and you are forced to think about transmission repairs or rebuilds.

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